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What are Production Vans?

TV and film operator vehicles or a mobile production van are production control rooms to allow filming of events and video production at locations outside a regular television studio. They are ideal for remote broadcasts and outdoor broadcasting. 

Whether you are a large film production crew or a smaller group working on a TV programme, our fully equipped 8 seater vehicles are perfect for use as portable offices for film and tv work.

Outside broadcasting or OB refers to the operation of production and live transmission of the news; sports events, live entertainment and anything else that is not possible to film in a studio. For broadcasters to produce and transmit live events that take place outside a studio. 

They require outside broadcasting vans or trucks, which are mini studios on wheels. Our production vans are all equipped with the full capabilities of a production control room. Inside an outside production van you will have all the equipment required to make your production successful, these include, cameras, production switchers, routing and signal processing, graphics, audio mixing, video servers and microphones.

While on-location interviews are executed instantly on location, and events are recorded and produced as quickly as required. Our mobile production vans easily access remote areas making the whole process easier for you and your film crew. Everything is recorded just as it happens, from the video, audio, special effects, graphics, and commentary from the reporters. 

Using a mobile production van can be far more effective than using a  hiring a purpose-built TV studio, of course, this depends on the requirements and type of production. 

There are many advantages to using an outside broadcasting van; some of those benefits include:

cheaper overall cost

TV studios can cost a substantial amount of money, and you have to book them for a specific day and time. Hiring an outside well-equipped broadcasting van gives you more flexibility and the costs are far more competitive.

easy to re-locate

Whatever the location a mobile broadcasting van can broadcast a live-action straight to the viewers and can be on-site within a short space of time, allowing the cameraman to start filming immediately. 

As we know with outdoor live events, an indoor studio would not be able to broadcast without a location-based vehicle and camera operator.

minimal space required

Our new eight-seater vehicles can park next to almost any location and can transmit live broadcasts, interviews and events. The size of an audience can, in most cases be far more extensive than in a studio. It is impossible to film an event like an outdoor concert from inside a studio.


Broadcasters and producers rely heavily on outside broadcasting vans. They assist the studio by providing accurate and exact details of the news or a film tv event that is taking place. This type of broadcasting media also includes taking photographs, live audio and video and filming interviews by reporters.

Film and television production

History shows us that all filming and productions had to use an indoor studio with mobile scenery or screen for the effect of the outdoor landscape or view. 

Technology has progressed massively over the years, and with mobile tv production, the ideal setting is available, and filming can commence. 

Outside broadcasting can be useful in shooting unique locations. Depending on the needs of the production, the crew can adjust it accordingly, including a soundcheck or re-shoot.


There are so many times that photoshoots are filmed on location and not in a studio. If the backdrop of a residential street or a beach location is required, a mobile production van is ideal for use if several sites are needed in one day. 

The entire production companies set is transported along with the crew and is considered an asset and service to any film shoot.

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Our services are reliable and have the latest features and technology onboard. They are spacious, making the loading of all your equipment secure.

We have many years of experience supplying the film and production industry with our state of the art vehicles. If you require any information or advice regarding our services, please contact us.