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covid-19 update

Due to the situation at the moment with Covid-19, couriers must take great care to ensure the safety of their other drivers, colleagues and customers. For this reason, we are under strict rules to make sure we stick to the Government guidelines, including social distancing, and remaining two metres apart. However, we are delivering Covid-19 tests at the moment for government departments, medical buildings and other businesses as and when required. 

We ensure to continue to keep the confidentiality and efficient service we offer up and will maintain the standards of our private courier service.We will be dropping your items off in a safe place, chosen by our customers, and will send you a message explaining when we expect to set off, when we are on our way, when we have arrived, and when we have dropped your parcel off.

express courier service

We offer a high-quality delivery service, with excellent customer care from our local couriers. We ensure your parcel gets to the correct destination safely and on time, with insurance cover and all other appropriate measures. We offer next day delivery, an express courier delivery service and an international delivery service, with global shipping! These locations include, but aren't limited to:

South America









New Guinea


Virgin Islands

Dominican Republic

Middle East


Our service will save you so much time out of your busy schedule, as you do not need to queue in the post office, wait around for us all day, or even leave your home or place of work! Here is some further information about what we have to offer. 

Advantages of a Private Courier Service

Private courier services are incredibly convenient, as we can pick your parcels up from your home, workplace or neighbour's house, and work around you and your day. These services also mean you don't have to worry about damaging your back due to lifting heavy packages, as we will do all that for you. You also never have to worry about queuing in a post office again, or having to rush around, because we take care of everything for you including printing your delivery label off! 

Don't worry about having to wait around all day, as we will give you efficient and accurate pick-up time slots, and make sure they work well for you! We handle our deliveries with complete confidentiality and a trustworthy service, ensuring everything is delivered on time and exactly how requested, from door to door!

why our service is different

There are many differences between each courier service, and each is used for different purposes. Here are some further details regarding their difference and main uses:

Private Courier Services

Private courier services are personal services, and usually just focus on one or a few clients, and only a few destinations. This is because private services are mainly required for legal items and documents and things that need to remain completely confidential. They can pick your items up from your home or workplace, and deliver it straight to its destination, as quickly as possible.  

Public Courier Services

Due to the high demand for courier services, sometimes public courier services can take longer to deliver your items. This is because they cater to a larger amount of people, and for a larger area. Sometimes, with public courier services, items can get lost in the post, delivered late, or can arrive damaged. Also, for important documents, it is preferred to have a more personal delivery service. 

What do we offer?

A very fast and efficient service, with no waiting around, accurate time slots and next day delivery.

Transporting documents, medical supplies and all small parcels

We provide our services to the whole of the UK

Extremely affordable prices for all different types of delivery services

Moving important documents from one workplace to the other, with complete confidentiality

All required labels prepared upon collection

Damage-free delivery, as we understand the value of goods

You can track all your deliveries with our tracking service

Our services are offered to everyone, including government departments and businesses

An array of different delivery services to choose from to suit your specific requirements and package values

Why Choose Us?

There are many reasons why you should choose our professional and reliable private courier service. Here are just a few:


Our company is reliable, completely confidential and trustworthy, which is why your important parcels and documents are in safe hands with our personal service.


We offer a tracking service, from when we collect the parcel, right through to when we deliver the parcel. We also work around our customers, and they can decide the time slots for collection.


All our private courier services are provided at very affordable and cheap prices, and we ensure you get your money's worth with our add-ons and extras. 


Our collection and delivery service is very fast, as we understand the documents and parcels need to get to their destination quickly, leaving our customers happy and stress-free.

Our Confidentiality Agreement

Most of the parcels and documents we deal with are of personal, legal or of sensitive nature. For this reason, we take our private courier services very seriously, to make sure no problems arise within the collection and delivery process. 

Items are always delivered to the destination securely and as requested by the client, including safe places and alternative addresses. We offer same day, next day and express delivery services for the most urgent documents and have full tracking through the whole journey for both the sender and receiver. 

get in touch

We want to leave our customers rest assured that their documents and parcels will be safely delivered, with full privacy and confidentiality, by our trustworthy couriers. 

If you would like to find out more information or would like a full list of our services please contact us today. One of our friendly team members will be available to answer your queries and questions and give you any expert advice you require. We are always more than happy to help!

Area's We Cover

If you are looking for Private Courier Services in Manchester, contact our experts today. Please get in touch with us on 0161 945 2255 to discuss your requirements. We work throughout Manchester and the whole UK:

Please Note: If you location isn't specified here, please feel free to get in contact with us as we maybe able to cover your local area.