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If you are looking for golf tours in Scotland, our chauffeur-driven services can provide travel in comfort and style. Find out more about Scotland's rich golfing heritage and the top golf destinations across the highlands.

Scotland's Rich Golfing Heritage

Steeped in history and sporting tradition, Scotland is renowned as the home of golf. This beloved game has been played on Scottish soil for over 500 years and boasts an impressive heritage that is hard to match. The country's rich golfing history traditionally points to King James II's ban on golf in the 15th century, viewed as a fitting reflection of the sport's long-standing status.

Scotland has since nurtured some of the world's greatest golfers and provided them the perfect platform to dominate the sport on international stages. Over the years, the country has invested heavily in cultivating exemplary golf courses, linking them coherently with their rich golfing heritage. As such, it is fitting that many golf enthusiasts have a long-standing desire to experience the home of golf and play on the links where the sport was born.

Golf tours in Scotland offer an opportunity to step into the world of golf's past, present, and future. One undeniable fact remains clear – playing golf in Scotland is an unrivalled experience that any golfer should aspire to at least once in their lifetime. Scotland is a truly magical golfing destination soaked with history and renowned for its hospitality, leaving a mesmerising impression on every visiting golfer.

Top Golf Destinations Across Scotland

Scotland, from the west to the east, and the north to south, is a golfer's paradise, boasting a stunning array of world-class golf courses. With options to suit all styles and skill levels, Scotland offers a golfing adventure that's hard to match. Venturing towards the East, you'll come across Carnoustie and the Old Course at St Andrews in Fife. These sites hold a hallowed place in the annals of golfing history.

Golf Tours In Scotland | Chauffeur Driven Golfing Tours Of Scotland

St Andrews, often heralded as the "home of golf", provides a deeply atmospheric and unforgettable experience. As you walk its fairways, it's hard not to be awe-struck by the course that has played host to many memorable encounters in The Open Championship.

Then there's Gleneagles, situated in Perth and Kinross. Here, golf enthusiasts are spoilt for choice with three championship course options and a revered golf academy accredited by the PGA. Gleneagles, with its perfect melding of history and cutting-edge techniques, is a spot any travelling golfer should have on their itinerary.

In the Highlands region lies the city of Inverness, where captivating scenery and a proud golfing heritage combine to a mesmerising effect. Courses such as Castle Stuart and Royal Dornoch offer sublime golfing encounters, all set against the canvas of the Scottish landscape at its most majestic.

Head to the West, and you'll find Ayrshire, home to both Royal Troon and Turnberry. Known for hosting The Open Championship and for the breathtaking views across the Firth of Clyde, these golf courses are a dream for any golfer. Aberdeen owes its repute to a variety of superb links courses dotted along the North Sea coast.

This region offers a test of golfing skills that is delightfully challenging, wrapped up in a visually stunning package. Finally, no golf journey could be complete without a visit to Edinburgh, Scotland's capital city. Here, a multitude of fantastic courses nestled amidst the city's famous parkland awaits the golfer, adding a touch of the urban to a Scottish golfing tour.


If you've got an adventurous spirit and a love for golf, then golf tours in Scotland represent the ultimate getaway. These tours blend exceptional golfing experiences on world-renowned courses with top-class accommodations and superb hospitality. Furthermore, they offer a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the rich history and vibrant culture of Scotland. However, planning a golf tour involves several important considerations.

You will need to determine the ideal time of the year to visit. The golfing season generally commences in April and concludes in October, offering an extensive window to experience Scotland's legendary courses. When it comes to budgeting, it's crucial to consider your exact requirements and preferences.

These can include preferred golfing locations, your comfort level and style of play, and the duration of your stay. Reserving your tour well in advance has its advantages. It ensures you can secure tee times at your favoured courses at a time that suits you.

There are numerous tour operators available who can create a tailor-made tour itinerary to cater to your specific needs. These professionals can handle accommodation bookings, travel logistics, and even contested tee times, thus allowing your focus to remain directly on your game. In conclusion, a golf tour in Scotland promises an unforgettable blend of sport, history, and cultural enrichment, presenting a unique journey steeped in magnificence and adventure. With the right planning and assistance, it can become your dream come true.

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Scotland, steeped in historical significance and renowned for its natural beauty, is not just home to the time-honoured sport of golf. Impressively, it also serves as the bustling hub for a plethora of the world's most prized golfing occasions and tournaments.

Prominent among these is The Open Championship. This event holds the prestigious title of being the oldest of the four major golf championships. A testament to Scotland's rich contributions to golf, this tournament rotates between several world-renowned courses such as St Andrews, Carnoustie, and Turnberry, each distinguished in their design and heritage. In addition to this, there's the Scottish Open.

An integral part of the European Tour, it draws the attention of golf enthusiasts as it showcases the best players from Europe. Their skill and strategy played out on Scotland's spectacular greens never fail to nail-bitingly entertain.

There are also events like the Women's British Open and the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship. These offer a different, yet equally thrilling perspective of the sport. The former illuminates women's skill and prowess in golf, while the latter thrills fans with engaging teams filled with well-known celebrities.

Furthermore, in 2014, Scotland was immensely proud to serve as the host of The Ryder Cup. This pivotal event was another notable milestone, firmly cementing Scotland's esteemed position in the global golfing sphere. With all these, it's clear that Scotland's golfing landscape is as rich and diverse as its bonnie highlands and glens.

Local Attractions To Complement The Golfing Tours

Taking a golf tour in Scotland provides more than just a fantastic opportunity to play golf on some of the world's most sought-after links and courses. Such an excursion also presents a chance to savour the wide-ranging delights this stunning country provides in abundance.

Chauffeur Driven Golfing Tours Of Scotland

The ultimate golfing trip includes opportunities to enjoy not only the thrill of the game but also the richness of local attractions, history, cultures and cuisine that Scotland has to offer. Close to the iconic golfing town of St Andrews, enrich your tour by exploring the ruins of the ancient castle and cathedral, or by paying a visit to the acclaimed British Golf Museum. The Gleneagles resort also includes our other exciting activities, with fishing, horse-riding, and off-road driving available to guests.

For whisky connoisseurs, renowned distilleries, including those in Inverness in the Highlands, offer unique tasting tours. Travel to Ayrshire, and you could venture to important cultural landmarks like the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum or the impressive Culzean Castle.

Then there's Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city, which is host to globally celebrated attractions, including the awe-inspiring Edinburgh Castle and the bustling Royal Mile. Throughout the city, there is an array of diverse restaurants beaming with traditional Scottish dishes for you to try, such as haggis, neeps and tatties.

After a delightful day of golf, there are few things more satisfying than settling into a welcoming local restaurant for a warming Scottish meal, whilst watching the sunset over the breathtaking Scottish landscape.

Moreover, Scotland offers a broad selection of accommodation options to cater for all budgets, from quaint bed and breakfasts to high-end luxury hotels.

This only enhances the versatility and appeal of our Scottish golf tours, making them accessible to everyone. Scotland's vast scenic beauty, coupled with its rich cultural heritage and internationally lauded golf courses, make it an outstanding choice for a memorable golf tour.

Chauffeur Driven Golfing Tours Of Scotland

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